Monday, 6 April 2009

Jan Deuchar and Signwriting

I am very lucky to catch Jan Deuchar at work, painting the cabin sides of the boat Johel's Cut. It turns out that she painted North Star's water can many years ago. She recognised her handiwork as we locked up and spun roound to moor on the other side of the basin.

She works in a manner that is methodical, yet quick and smooth; it's almost mesmerising watching the strokes creating the shapes and letterforms. Jan makes it look so easy, but even attempting to recreate a letter on a piece of paper will show how difficult it is really. Mick of Kingfisher Boats said that Jan manages to keep signwriting while people are jumping on and off a boat.

The owners of Johel's Cut stand and watch Jan as she works. We all do. Signwriting really is a wonderful skill. It must be great to be asked what you do and to be able to answer "I am a signwriter". There's something timeless about it.

Chris and Jan Deuchar's boats, motor Jackal and butty Hereford are moored opposite the Steamboat Inn and make a spectacularly colourful addition to an already iconic waterways scene.

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