Monday, 7 September 2009

When bloggers blog about blogging

Always amused when the new wave of bloggers mutter about the frisky newcomers.

Oh ah. I'll give them a month. Or two. Or a year.

As sure as a flame war on a forum ends up with one participant calling the other a fascist, every blogger patronises newer writers. However, I have to disappoint, but I had three blogs back in mid 2003, waaaaay before some of these crusty canal bloggers. I'd given up on two of them before most of them started. There are still a few little links working out there as a legacy that I was, indeed, "there".

Blogging truths
  • No-one cares what we think.
  • No. Seriously. No-one.
  • Not even our mums.
  • Yes, I know they say they read it. They don't. They read one post a year ago.
  • If we could write, we'd be paid to do it. And we wouldn't blog.
  • People who are paid to write can string coherent sentences together...and only use an ellipsis when it is appropriate to do so.
  • Writing regularly or a lot doesn't change any of this.
  • But it's very relaxing and there is a sense of huge importance, like maybe someone is going to say "You know, I think we've found the next Albert Camus, and he knows a thing or two about pigeon racing! Or the Shropshire Union."
    You just can't help but feel that Barack Obama checks up on your blog just before retiring for the day.