Sunday, 17 May 2009

North Star to move south or southwest?

It's difficult to know where to move North Star. Although there is a lot of interest around Nottingham, the rivers in the area need a bit more experience and careful planning, so we want to move her onto the canal network proper. We are also keen to use her more frequently and Nottingham is just beyond a comfortable haul on a Friday evening.

So we're thinking. Somewhere along the Trent & Mersey? Maybe around the BCN? No logical places. We keep thinking of the Welford and Crick areas as that is close to the 'top end' of the A14....well we see it as the top end of a square formed by the M11, A14 and M1.

It's tempting to bring her down to the London area: the big voyage - Nottingham to Stortford is really appealling but then what? Hmmmmm.

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