Saturday, 23 May 2009

Nottingham to Sawley

A late start: it always will be if we are having to trudge up the M11, the A14 and the M1 to get to the boat.

We settle up with Nottingham Castle Marina and set sail, once again messing up the exit to the west. The wind carries the boat across the Cut. I hadn't even noticed the damn wind!

We make a last trip down the Beeston Cut and up about 4" at Beeston Lock. The Trent seemed very slow as we motored on up towards Cranfleet. I always dread running aground at the entrance to the Cut there. Waited on some plastic boats to lock up, while a big white cruiser did wheelies up and down the river. Well you know what I mean.

We continued on to Sawley. I was miffed because I wanted to go on to Shardlow. Any of the pubs there beat the Plank & Leggit hands down.

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