Sunday, 1 November 2009

Also in the area

We passed NB Armadillo several times last week. It is funny to see photos of places and boats on other peoples' blogs. We almost moored up behind Armadillo one night, but kept on going for 30 minutes. They even noticed the same Great Central Railway signal gantry.

I see that the Armadillo crew had the time and good sense to go ashore and see the old church at Wolfhamcote, as well. It is clear that the Armadillos are prepared to stop their boat, get off their laptops and actually get outside and see the real world, unlike some people who sit on my boat Tweeting and moaning that you can't get Facebook in Northamptonshire. Sorry. It's a "dad thing".

Then I notice that Granny Buttons was also as taken with the medieval ridge and furrow patterns around Lower Shuckburgh.

We chugged past both Piston Broke (near Hilmorton?) and Ubique (by Braunston Turn), without hitting either of them.

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