Sunday, 1 November 2009


We have never been happy with the electrics on North Star, and we suspect that everything dates from the day North Star was built.

We bought new lesisure batteries but we still sat in the darkness in the evening and put up with no fridge, but it was all one step up from camping.

The heavy work this year has been on bringing the electrics into the mid-20th Century, and two more batteries, an inverter, new engine room wiring and a new distribution board. The addition of a SmartGauge system has pulled the entire system into the 21st Century.

But in some respects, the SmartGauge just tells me how bad the situation is. We cruise all day and manage to get the charge from 25% to 31%. Although, admittedly, the autumn day is not very long, surely we should get more than 6% charge on a day of motoring - maybe seven hours. I'm confused.


  1. shouldn't your batteries be running at over 50% and if they are that low (below 50%) continueously then they will be nackered.... and not holding their charge.... or really working...?

  2. Yes, that's what I thought too, but these are brand new batteries. Four of them.
    I was always led to believe that batteries basically exist to be fully charged and if they ever get used they should be immediately recharged.

    As I said..I'm confused.

  3. mmm. Batteries are either duff, or maybe your charging system is just not working? Is your alternator working? either way it aint right...