Sunday, 10 January 2010

The highlight of January - the London Boat Show

I think they deliberately hold it in January to cheer everyone up. This weekend, most football was postponed, but this didn't seem to deter the thousands of visitors to the annual London Boat Show at the Excel Centre in the remote hinterlands of E16.

It's always a curious mix of the super-rich looking at 60' powerboats and impoverished Olympic hopefuls looking to squeeze another 0.2mph out of their Laser. There are those who will sail in all weathers in all seas and have to be dragged ashore screaming, and there are those who go afloat only to be seen, glass in hand, by others on even bigger boats.

Sadly, the Boat Show has become 99% boatmart - albeit an exceptionally busy one - and it's a pity there isn't more opportunity for learning, debate, competition, technical displays. Even the IWA National Festival for the inland waterways has more than this! I also objected to paying £5 for the Show Guide when it is simply advertising all the exhibitors.

Still, it was a good day out and minds could be taken off the snow, sleet, blizzards, the cold and the economy.

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