Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Is that it? The International 12 Foot

It's not easy. If you belong to a club you will probably only have experience with those dinghies popular at the club. The universal presence of boats like the Laser, Pico and RS's mean that most people can get a taste for these. But if you are after something a bit different, a bit unusual, a bit....well...not the sailing equivalent of a Corsa or a Mondeo it can be more tricky.

We are looking for a boat that is around in numbers, yet has a bit of a history and is also an elegant cruise. We are a bit old for pieces of carbon-fibre the size of a thong with a sail the size of the Sydney Opera House. The kids disagree. But it's my money.

We may have found the solution in the International 12 Foot Dinghy. But where do I blag a sail on one? A truly gorgeous boat. I can even see myself doing the BCN Marathon Challenge on it. Eye-wateringly expensive though.

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