Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The anticipation. And Walsall.

I do love the planning bit! Next week I think we'll be heading down the Stratford for a week. Not sure which way we'll go. Ho hum. And the football season's about to start again. Life is good.

Originally I had planned to take next week off so that we could join the BCNS Explorer Cruise as I heard rumours that this might be the last one for a while. But no matter how much I wax lyrical about the Daw End, the Rushall and the Curley Wyrley, the family still can't reconcile the prospects of spending their summer holiday in Walsall. Even when I remind them that we have just spent two weeks sailing in the Med and that Walsall is just, well...the icing on the cake. I'm getting gobsmacked looks from the kids when I describe Walsall as the icing on the cake.

If Michael Palin can do East of Ipswich, then surely I can do West of Walsall.

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