Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wetsuits and thermals

It won't be long before 'sailing in T-shirts' becomes 'sailing in wetsuits' and 'narrowboating in T-shirts' becomes 'narrowboating in oilskins'. Fortunately, Ocean Leisure have a great range of kit and they are just outside a tube station.

Trying out wetsuits is a real workout in its own right, and after trying two steamers I was gasping for fresh air and a drink (Done! Ocean Leisure is just round the corner from the Ship & Shovell in Craven Passage). There were others in the changing rooms trying on wetsuits. Either that or they were having fairly good sex as there was a lot of grunting, gasping and stamping going on behind curtains.

I can't imagine buying things like wetsuits over the internet, and Ocean Leisure also have such really helpful and knowledgable staff.

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