Monday, 10 August 2009

The Doldrums on the Sea of Chingford

Went along to King George Sailing Club, Saturday afternoon, on King George Reservoir (aka the Sea of Chingford) for their Open Day. Nice selection of club Wayfarers (big, old, heavy, solid, stable), Picos (small, heavy, solid, stable) and a very basic Laser (mediumish, lightish, solidish, stablish...never know where you are with a Laser).

Big reservoir, nice big space of water, panoramic view of Edmonton. No wind. Not a breath.
"We haven't seen this little wind in ten years," the bloke with the beard said and he then gazed into space - well roughly towards Waltham Cross - as if to summons up some mysterious hidden gusts. But no. Nothing.

T wisely chose the Laser which can move if you sneeze into the sail while I got the Pico which is such an unsubtle and lumpy boat, it's probably safer and heavier than an Indonesian car ferry. I moved slowly towards the next jetty, propelled largely by plate tectonics. T had a bit of a sail, but it really was not a sailing day. It was an oohhhh-Norwich-were-bragging-about-bouncing-straight-back-up-day-yet-they-let-7-in-from-those-monsters-of-football-Colchester kind of day.

Anyway..KGSC: nice club, very friendly folk; very tempting. But it's not Cowes, is it? You don't get Chingford Week, do you? But the friendliness and club Lasers probably trumps everything.

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