Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Book Barge

I had this idea, many years ago, to sell books from a narrowboat. I didn't pursue it because I discussed it with an ancient-looking bookseller in Hay-on-Wye. She cackled and screamed with laughter.

"Don't do it!" she howled.
"Look at me!" she cried, her wiry frame heaving and quivering. "How old am I?"
"Errrrr" I hummed, not wanting to offend the old crone.
"Twenty-two!" she mocked.
"Selling books is only ever going to make you very poor. And remember you sell the books that other people want to read, not the ones you want to read. Anyway, my friend Jeff has a better idea."

Then it was my time to fall about laughing. Sell books online? Yeh, right.

Good to see that someone at last has taken the plunge and done what still seems to me to be the ultimate romantic dream. A bit like 84 Charing Cross Road with a windlass. Good luck, Sarah.

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