Tuesday, 7 July 2009

More dead fish....on Chichester Canal

It would seem that two things are being blamed for the lack of oxygen in the water.

A 4 foot fall in the water level and too much weed.

You know what removes weed? Boats.
You know who would never allow a drop in water level of more than a few inches? Yes. Boaters.

I can feel a solution coming on. Shock. Horror.

Yet why is it that so often - but not in this case, it seems - the polluter is the company charged with providing us with clean water?

Funny thing is one local said "It's a dreadful site [sic] to see ten-year-old fish that any angler would be pleased to catch, gasping for air." Well at least he's gasping for air without a big steel hook sticking through his jaw, eh?

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