Saturday, 11 July 2009

Painting the Forth Bridge was easier

Just three months after owning North Star I need to start painting lots of parts of her. It's amazing how bits of paint flake off everywhere. I should rename her Forth Bridge.

Most bits are my the bow which is used to test the strength of most lock wing walls, the damn curvy-out bit of the tiller post that scrapes lock gates, the roof, the handrails (thanks tiny BCN bridges and Ashted!), cabin door slide. Mutter, mutter. Can't believe it, etc.

Trouble is I have no idea what paint was used and the previous owner is uncontactable. Chris at Nottingham Boat Sales reckons it would be International Paint, although they don't do anything like the turquoise I need for the roof top.

I need to put anti-slip on the gunwales as well. Then there's the huge issue of the boat-name and the previous owner's sign-written cabin sides. Should I just repaint that section, or will it make the rest of the boat look odd and scabby? Will repainting just that panel make it look as if I've just nicked her?

Who should I get to do the sign-writing? Jan Deuchar? Mick Day? I think he sign writes.

Oh decisions, decisions, decisions.

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