Monday, 6 July 2009

Is it bad in Walsall?

I was there a few weeks back with the BCN Marathon Challenge, and it seemed OK. Not, however, if you are the Putting the World To Rights blog and the associated Walsall is it bad Twitter stream, who is intent on holding the local council and councillors to account for all of Walsall's woes. No, seriously. All of the woes. Every single one.

Given the obvious frustration, you get the sense that it won't be long before m'learned friends appear on the scene. He's clearly only ever half a sentence away from uttering "I can't belieeeeeeve it!"

PS: In the headline information, Putting the World to Rights notes that the blog is about Walsall, UK. In case you might think it was the Walsall in Uzbekistan.

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